Yoga Roller

  • EVA (thermoplastic synthetic resin) polyurethane organic polymer material, provides beneficial cushion performance and good pressure recovery. It is difficult to deform the EVA material with excellent durability, water resistance and weather resistance.
  • It is safe to share with the gym and training. Many athletes are incorporating form rolling.
  • Perfect for relieving muscles: just put them under your back or thighs and move them around, promoting blood circulation throughout your body. It balances the body and brings out the original performance. It's easy to use, regardless of the amount of available space you may have.
  • Because it is light and compact, it is convenient for storing and carrying. Applications: Stretch rollers, fascia rollers, stretch instruments, scapula stretching, training, yoga, stretching, pilates, warm-up, preparatory exercise, cool down, organizing exercise, sports, fitness.

32 Tokens