Frequently Asked Questions

We have many Daily Survey's available for you each and every day! Hover over the "Earn" menu on our website and select Take Survey's. From here, you can access our daily Survey's. Each survey listed can be completed once per day for Token credit.

If you qualified for and completed a survey in full, Tokens will credit to your account within 30 days

It's perfectly normal not to qualify for a survey, new Survey's are always being added, so we recommend you try again in a little while. You can try to qualify for a survey as many times as you'd like, however, once you qualify you can only complete that particular survey once per day.

Yes! There are over 10 daily Survey's available. You can easily earn up to 10 Tokens per day from 
completing each daily survey.

No! Market research companies want to hear from consumers like you. Survey's are completely free, as you are providing companies with valuable feedback for products and services.

All Survey's on our website post to accounts automatically within 30 days after successful completion.

Digital assets are a kind of alternative currency of which virtual currency is a subset. Digital assets use decentralized control as opposed to centralized digital currency and central banking system.

You can redeem your balance to your personal wallet or to your account on an exchange.

An exchange is a company that specializes in converting one kind of token (like the surge token) into cash or into another kind of token.

Tokens earned by taking Survey's watching video's or participating in 3rd party offers will be available to redeem within 30 days.

Tokens earned by topping up your SurgePhone will be available within 7 day's.

You are allowed one account per user / IP / household / computer.

Our advertisers set rules to prevent paying to advertise to the same user multiple times.

Welcome to SurgeRewards!

SurgeRewards is an online rewards program where you are rewarded for the things you're already doing online. Membership is completely free, and you can begin earning SurgeTokens immediately after you register!

Earn Tokens by

  • Taking Survey's
  • Watching Videos
  • Completing Offers
  • Shopping Online
  • Referring Family & Friends
  • And so much more

Earn Tokens Watching Videos & Exploring Sites

  • It's easy to Earn Tokens for Watching & Exploring!
  • Click on EARN at the top and choose from the list of Survey's, Videos and Websites to explore!
  • Earn Tokens for simply giving your opinions!
  • Survey's listed can be completed once per day.
  • Surge Tokens are awarded to your account within 24-48 hours upon completion of the surveys and available to redeem in 30 days.
  • If you don't qualify right away, please try again later. New Survey's are always being added.

Earn Tokens Using Mobile Apps

  • Earn Surge Tokens for downloading and exploring new apps on your Smartphone or Tablet!
  • Each mobile app can be completed only one-time for credit.
  • Read the requirements of each offer carefully to see how much interaction is required to earn your Token
  • Surge Tokens are awarded to your account within 24-48 hours upon completion of the Survey's and available to redeem in 30 days.

Discover OfferWalls

Each OfferWall listed has many ways to earn SurgeTokens from Watching Videos, Taking Survey's, to signing up for a product or service, you can earn a lot of Tokens in this area of SurgeRewards. 

Check them out!

Special Offers

You can earn SurgeTokens for signing up for offers. We're always adding new special offers, so check back often for the latest!